Risk Management Services

Our reputation as one of the leaders in the hospitality insurance market has been earned with over 2,000 loss control visits and the administration of more than 9,000 claims.

Risk Management Services

Our reputation as one of the leaders in the hospitality insurance market has been earned with over 2,000 loss control visits and the administration of more than 9,000 claims.

Our risk management and safety related services are specifically designed to provide our insureds with best practices across all areas of their operations. These services can reduce the frequency and severity of claims by identifying and addressing the main causes of loss by location and department.

Risk Management Services

  • On-site physical survey and detailed evaluation of all operations
  • Customized risk management program to potentially improve loss prevention and control services
  • On-site visits and risk control seminars / webinars to educate hotel staff
  • Comprehensive online resource library with industry specific content and tools
  • Ongoing assistance with safety and loss control programs
  • Customized safety manuals designed specifically for the lodging industries
  • Continual program monitoring and analysis

Risk Management Service Providers

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Safety and Emergency Preparedness Resources from the Red Cross –risk control resources, award recognition programs for lifesavers and discounted training backed by the unparalleled expertise of the Red Cross.

  • Emergency Preparedness App – informs users of the main contacts in an emergency situation and provides preparedness tips and information.  It will also outline a procedure for action once the situation has concluded.
  • Discounted Training Classes – CPR, survival, emergency preparedness, AED, aquatic safety and many more.
  • Discounted Emergency Supplies and AED’s
  • Safety and Emergency Preparedness Resources and Articles – a library of materials to assists insureds and brokers in the event of an emergency or natural catastrophe.

BarVision’s technology and reporting assists hotel F&B operators in serving profitable, consistent drinks at the bar, outside by the pool, on the golf course, and anywhere in between. BarVision is the only liquor monitoring solutions providing insight behind the bar while managers focus on operational excellence.

With the development of BarVision’s newest generation of hardware, the solution can be installed in conventional bars, liquor serving carts, used on pool decks, patios, golf courses, beer gardens, and more. Wherever alcohol is being consumed, BarVision can monitor and collect data on pouring. Only with BarVision can operators understand the overall performance of every bar station, bartender, or shift.

How does it work?

  • Smart Liquor Spouts and Tap Sensors capture every real-time pour
  • BarVision identifies problem pours and reports them daily and weekly
  • BarVision identifies the issues that are impacting revenue
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Cotton Global Disaster Solutions provides restoration, environmental, construction, and roofing services that help preserve your property’s value so that guests can enjoy your amenities for years to come. SUITELIFE insured organizations are eligible to become a Preferred Customer of Cotton GDS. Opt-in by contacting Cotton Disaster Solutions today, inform them you are a SUITELIFE insured organization and learn how their solutions can enhance SUITELIFE policyholder’s guest experience or minimize interruptions following a damaging event or wide-scale disaster.

  • One point of contact and dedicated team
  • White Papers, Webinars and other educational resources
  • 24/7 monitoring of events or disasters that could impact your property
  • Preferential status in an event or wide-scale disaster

InsuraGuest, which offers coverage similar to short-term renters’ insurance, protects your property while addressing claims made by your guests, on a primary no-fault basis. This means that insureds will make a claim with InsuraGuest first. InsuraGuest’s specialized Hospitality Liability and Blanket Accident only coverages insert a layer of protection in cases such as:

  • Accidental In-Room Damage
  • Personal Property Theft
  • Accidental Medical Expense
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Benefits for Your Property

Reduce Risk: InsuraGuest integrates with the hotel’s Property Management System through its proprietary API, which automatically attaches coverages to every reservation, enabling the hotel to transfer certain liability exposures to the InsuraGuest carrier by purchasing specialized Hospitality Liability coverages.

Reduce Expense: By transferring certain liability risks to the InsuraGuest Hospitality Liability coverages, it may lower a hotel’s claim ratio and risk profile, which may decrease a hotel’s General Liability premium.


Wellworks For You (Wellworks) is the leading online resource for assisting employers in the design and implementation of comprehensive wellness programs.

Corporate wellness programs have a proven track record of Return on Investment (ROI). The pitfalls of many programs are that they are one dimensional, not personalized, and passive with minimal participation.

As a leader in wellness and prevention, Wellworks aligns the interests of employers, employees, health providers, and insurance professionals designed to create a healthier workforce and community.

Wellworks provides a high value, high return benefit to its clients’ employees or members. The programs level of economic return depends on the program model and use of the strategies that define “best practices.”

Look to Wellworks to provide the foundation to administer a health promotion program at a premier level with relative ease. Its systems have advanced methods of collecting and tracking data to provide comprehensive metrics to estimate Return on Investment.

For more information, visit: https://www.wellworksforyou.com/

Background Screening

SUITELIFE has a strategic relationship with General Information Services, Inc., to provide access to background screening services for its insured and prospective clients. Please click the button below to access one of the leading background screening service provider today.

Once you agree to our legal disclaimer, you will be re-directed to the SUITELIFE landing page featuring discounted pricing at GIS’ backgroundchecks.com

American Red Cross, BarVision, Cotton Disaster Services, InsuraGuest and Wellworks For You are independent third party service providers. The decision to select, hire and/or manage any of these third party service providers is the sole responsibility of the end user. These third-party vendors are not agents for, not joint ventures of, not employed by, and do not work for SUITELIFE. SUITELIFE assumes no liability for any products, services or training provided by or purchased through these third parties. SUITELIFE does not make and expressly disclaims any warranty, guarantee, or promise, whether expressed or implied, including, without limitation, any implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, the suitability or quality of work or materials to be used and/or installed by, or the workmanship of the third party service providers selected and hired by the end user.

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